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InQube Design UK

Our UK design centre of excellence brings the fine art of European design to cutting edge, modern sports and intimate wear. The Design centre situated in Nottingham, at the heart of the UK. The Midlands region having a strong heritage in apparel. This centre of excellence brings access to a rich eco system of design, textile science and modern apparel technology. The Midlands hosts leading universities, globally known for textile and apparel research, such as: De Montfort, Nottingham Trent and Loughborough.

Formerly known as Quantum Clothing, the design company was the oldest registered in the UK, carrying an enviable reputation within the clothing industry. Maintaining a continual philosophy of keeping Human and Planet centricity at the core. Our creative team produce cutting edge design and innovation through ongoing analysis of the apparel market, consumer insights and focus groups, embedding a true reason to be within all of our developments.

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