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Global Supply Chain

The manufacturing strength of InQube and Brandix Group spans across the best locations in Southern & the Western Hemisphere along with strategic supply chain partnerships, providing the customers with much needed speed, agility, scale and competitiveness.The group employees over 50,000 employees across 42 locations in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, and Haiti.

The Group is a leading manufacturing partner for brands such as Victoria's Secret, Under Armour, Pink, PVH, Lululemon, Gap, Uniqlo, Marks and Spencer, amongst other brands.

Branidx is Asia’s only apparel vendor that is vertically integrated in both Knits and Wovens, establishing strong joint venture partnerships. The strategic joint venture partnerships of Brandix include, JVs with Pacific textiles, Best Pacific Fountain Set, Pioneer, Clover Group, Brandot and MAST Global.

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Haiti – Dominican Republic Operations

BrandM is the largest vertically integrated apparel park in DR/Haiti for both woven and knits offering solutions from fabric to printing under one location. The 6500 strong integrated apparel park is able to offer versatile and speed to market solutions. As a sourcing destination it enjoys duty free access to North America with lead times by sea to the US being a mere 2 days, 5 days to Canada and 8 days to Europe.

Brandix India Apparel City

BIAC is the largest privately held apparel park in India. A 1000 acre apparel city with vertically integrated manufacturing facilities from ‘fiber to store’, BIAC employs over 18,000 employees at present.

Duty free access to Europe & Canada from Cambodia

Cambodia acts as a strategic sourcing destination where the key supply chain partners reach is only a mere 4 days by sea. In addition to having EBA + benefits, the country also posses preferential duty benefits to Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

Strategic Supply Chain Partnerships

Brandix as a group has entered into key strategic partnerships with Best Pacific, Pioneer Elastics and Pacific textiles to name a few. It is the only company in Sri Lanka which is vertical in both knit and wovens.

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