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Welcome to InQube

InQube is a global apparel innovation company with capabilities in Design, Technology Incubation and Digital.

Are you brave enough to take a stand? At InQube, we believe apparel is up for disruption. We believe the proliferation of digital and a stronger stakeholder movement towards sustainability will disrupt the future of apparel value chains and product. Exceeding limitations, breaking boundaries, surpassing expectations — it’s what we’re made for.

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InQube Design (UK)

Bringing the fine art of European design to cutting edge, modern sports and intimate wear


Enabling technology incubation and crosspollination within a 360° makerspace dedicated for apparel

Global Supply Chain

Delivering excellence in execution through a vertical, sustainable, agile and cost efficient supply chain

Our Platforms

Explore our scalable solution platforms and featured proprietary technologies.

08 10

Introducing the most advanced precision adjustment in bras interconnecting multiple points of adjustment in a bra to a single operable point of calibration. Combining dynamic support & compression with individual calibration for a better fit and support experience.

  • Simplified single point of adjustment fit system for bras.
  • Dynamic support through variable compression.
  • Ability to adjust fit and support through mobile app.
  • Non intrusive and minimalistic integration of wearable components.
  • Adjusting the fit and support of your sports bra while on the run has never been easier.

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